All Roads Should Lead To Jesus

All Road Should Lead To Jesus


Mirroring Jesus is conforming ourselves to his image. To how he lived and to what he taught. Being a disciple of Jesus is a hard journey, and perhaps some couldn’t afford the difficulty and consequently had inserted Jesus in their own box. Some lowered his teachings as “all roads go to heaven,” and some added such theological weight on it to shape a hierarchy that only “some” could have the luxury to participate.

But Jesus; “our teacher” was none of these, and unfortunately Christians build different beliefs which divided them into various denominations. However, we will explain how this division can be considered as a minor issue in the body of Christ.

When the Bible refers to the church, it includes two concepts.

First; “church” as its universal form which means the body of Christ.  To those who are not familiar with these terminology, the body of Christ means all people who are saved (born again), who have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus (means to accept that the blood of Jesus was shed to sacrifice and forgive our sins) and have been born (born again) into Jesus’s spiritual family.

Second; the local church which refers to a congregation of Christians who worship together. The importance of the local church lies in the availability of a location within a region which is accessible for that group of people, so they organize events to praise the Lord, help each other, fund the church’s possibilities to accomplish its tasks toward preaching the Gospel. It is here when these denominations come to existence.

But does God allow these denominations? I believe not, and I believe God is not happy with the division, but I also believe by demonstrating what Jesus believed, people can find their way. We don’t have the time or the substance to fight other denominations. We must bring people to Jesus as he is the only gate to the father. We can shed light on how a person is saved and by making this clear for people; they can easily distinguish which denomination they have chosen.


We are saved only by being born again in Jesus’s spirit. That means whether you have been born a Christian at face-value or practiced a certain denomination, or whether you have never been a Christian, you need to be born again and accept the fact that:

 1- Jesus has died for us to be forgiven, and his blood washed all our sins, 2-He rose from the dead on the third day, and since then he is alive forever, 3-the Holy Spirit is our guide in his physical absence, 4- There is no death for a born again believer, 5-The Bible is the word of God both Old and New Testaments, 6- Since we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we walk with him in faith and the word of God, and we keep the covenant. That means we commit our lives to walk according to the word of God both written in the Bible and Jesus as the word of God in flesh. This commitment comes so natural that we find no other way to be happy. Our belief in all the above will dramatically change our perception. Being born again with all our heart makes it impossible to continue with wrongdoings that we were associated with before. The simplicity of this transition is magical.


If you believe in all of the above, it doesn’t matter what denomination you are. But if some tell you “all roads go to heaven,” whether you believe in being washed by the blood of Jesus or not, then that’s a fallacy because the blood of Jesus is the only Gate to heaven.

The doctrine of pain, lack, and sufferance for the exchange of heaven is not only fake but failed. If God wanted to send you to hell and make you suffer all your life, he wouldn’t sacrifice his only begotten for you to do it. He could send you in hell without wasting his son’s life.

It is astonishing the amount of Bible verses which refer to the scarification of Jesus Christ to save humanity from God’s wrath and bringing them happiness, health, prosperity, and love. In the Old Testament, God’s requirements were different, so his laws were different. In the New Testament instead, the main issue is the road to Salvation which comes through faith and recognizing Jesus as the Messiah. Many laws in the Old Testament have been nullified by the blood of Jesus. However, we should always keep the Ten Commandments, but laws like circumcision and many more which were the sign of a covenant with God are outlawed by the New Testament.  The blood of Jesus is the sign of the new covenant so what is so difficult for you to refuse such a holy and beautiful promise that gives you all the power and eternal life?

Only those roads marked by the blood of the lamb will lead to heaven and eternal life no matter what name you call it.