God Is Not The Ginny In Your Bottle

God Is Not The Ginny In your bottle.


When it comes to “faith” in God, we usually mix the concept with magic. Faith is not magic. The balance between our expectations when we don’t have faith, and we learn to have faith seems non-existent in some people. They escape from one extreme edge of cannot to another extreme edge of magically can.

When we are a born again believer and amplify our faith, we firmly believe we receive what we have asked for, and we believe it BEFORE receiving our request, and that is the law of faith. Faith is to believe in the unseen before it comes to pass. To print this mentality on our conscious mind, we work hard, we study and practice just like any other try-error process until we gain mastership in this principle. Therefore, there are three factors involved in our practice: Faith, hope, and belief.

We have faith in God; we believe that he will grant us our need even before he does it and we hope that he will do just as we asked.

But if you on Sunday buy a lottery ticket for Friday and hope and have faith to pay your bills with it, that is magic and what you did not consider is that God is not your Ginny of the bottle.

When you buy a ticket that is not because you need a lottery ticket, it is because you have a desire to have a certain amount of money to use for your needs or requests. What is before your ticket is your wish in which you are determined to fulfill. First; A lottery ticket may be one of the ways that God decides to bless you so continue to buy it but he has his ways and his means, and he may consider another option that you have no idea about it. Second, if your “set-time” has not yet come, it is useless to think to pay your bills with the ticket that you may win on Friday.

Let me put it this way. You have a need, and you desire big. When you have faith, the fulfillment of your desire is certain. You can ask God and pray that he facilitates the timing of your need if he intends to grant it to you later that your particular time. That is the power of prayers and relationship with God. But let it be him to decide how, where and when to grant it.

The Ginny in the bottle is your slave. God is not. He is the almighty who has wisdom far beyond your imagination. Besides the kingdom of heaven, it doesn’t act like the natural world. There are phases and due processes which should take place before your wish come to pass and as time has no meaning in the kingdom of supernatural, your timing might not fit God’s schedule. When you complain to God about why did you not win the ticket on exact Friday that you had intended, it is just like doubting God’s wisdom and telling him: ” You know God, you have to consult me before acting because I wanted my xxxxx on Friday and it seems you don’t know what you are doing!”

Just imagine how small you are and how great your God is. The only thing you should remember is: Your problem or need is such a minor issue for such a big God.

So what we said in this article is; think big, desire big, have faith but wait for God. Ask him to direct you to the steps you should take to facilitate your dream but don’t complain. Love him unconditional regardless of everything you don’t have. Pray and wait for God and be sure that the desire is yours. Read Deuteronomy Chapter 28 verses 1 to 14 and repeat with yourself: I am the head, not the tail, I am above, never beneath. I lend money to people and never borrow” and see how in just one instance you feel different and how you will see your problem as a funny thing for God.