3 Video Galleries


This is a carefully selected album of the most inspirational videos from the best Evangelists in the world. Each video is chosen with scrutiny to reflect the real values of our movement. Every single video is related to a deep Christian concept such as the importance of salvation and praise, the blood of Jesus, faith, patience for God, Christian lifestyle, happiness, victory, love, peace, marriage, living a healthy life and many other which are perfectly backed up with the scripture and are all pillars of Christianity and unfortunately, most people think these concepts come from earthly teachers and modern gurus. In choosing our “teachers” we have taken the best of each one. We have seen many attempts to discredit some of them and we very well know the attacks on these men and women only come from the divider. We urge you to listen carefully and make this playlist as your daily guide in life. God uses all kind of communication tools to reach to a specific person and give him a specific message just tailored to his/her situation. There are many cases when two people clicking on the same video, receive two different messages just designed for their problem. So whether you click on the videos randomly, or in some order, have no doubt that God will deliver his special word to you. Our three galleries are treasuries of the word of God and what we stated here stand for all of them. We will add more videos each week. May the right hand of God be upon you.

A Massive and Inspiring Gallery Which Speaks Directly To Your Heart. The gallery is Divided in Three Sections Below.

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