What Does Salvation Mean?

What Does Salvation Mean?

Salvation; God’s Only Condition

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1 KJV

In the beginning, there was the word. God meant the word, and the word meant God. It was only God and his word and nothing else. Then God decided to create the world, and he did, and it was good. He created man, and it was good. God created the man on the seventh day that means; he poured everything that he has created during the past six days, at the feet of the man. Everything except one.

He gave Man his pure love. He gave Man the holiness, happiness, wealth, health, all the world and whatever was in it. He gave Man his immerse love as he has created man in his own image. He gave man “the will” to see if Man, who had received everything from God, will love him? Will man be grateful? Will man be humble to the almighty who gave him all?

When I reach here, atheists ask me why should he NEED Man to love him back? Was your God needy? I ask atheists why do you give birth to children? Aren’t you happy without them? Couldn’t you live and spend only for yourself without being worried about educating, feeding and taking care of your children?

Might you have felt alone? Or Might you want to see another human being in your image? Or might you have simply loved your future child so much even before conceiving it? Could that all be the case for God?

I believe to some extent yes that is; God has no need but has so much love to give and the love to offer is not a need but a gift.

So God created Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were naked, and they didn’t know to be naked. Nudity had no meaning in heaven. Adam and Eve were the richest couple in the world since the creation. Imagine how much you desire to have a beautiful house. Now imagine you have it and you desire to have ten beautiful houses. Imagine that you have ten beautiful properties and you desire to have the entire gold treasury in the city. Imagine you have obtained it and now you want the whole city and then the entire country and the world and all the heaven. Imagine you have every single item that I named with one and only one restriction: The forbidden tree. That was the amount of Adam’s disobedience. To me, that was not only disobedience but total disrespect.

In our above example about children, imagine after years of work,  you gave everything you had as an inheritance to your children but kept a “chair” for yourself. And all of a sudden, when you come back from work, your son, who has the ownership of all your properties and your furniture except this little worthless chair, has sat on your chair and takes it home.

That is insolence.

So God, who is almighty, who is omnipotent, who doesn’t need anything and can destroy anything in a fraction of a second, recognizes this insolence and throws Adam and Eve out of the heaven. He curses Adam; just as you might do it with such an impudent son. He turns his back to Adam and his children and his children’s children until Noah falls in love with him. He praises God, admires him for whatever he has created, and he dedicates his life to God. So God who had turned his back to humanity hears him, asks him to build an arch and take his family to another place where through his children, God will bless the man again, and that was when Noah did so, and years later, Abrahim was born. Abraham is known as a man of faith. God calls him my best friend. But the story of disobedience goes on every now and often. Man was still cursed, and only some of them who are sons of Abraham were saved.  This cycle goes on and on, as God had many times rewarded the devoted and punished the disobedient ones, he so much loved humanity that he gave them his only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for them and with his blood, washed the sin from the entire world. In the Old Testament, the biggest sin was not knowing God the father; in the Old Testament, the biggest sin was not recognizing the son as the Messiah.

That is salvation. Salvation means to recognize the blood of Jesus Christ as God’s gift to forgive humanity and give them back what he has given to Adam at the first place which means all the world, with what is in it including joy, happiness, multiplication, health and wealth, love and peace and more importantly; an everlasting life.

I need to add another delicate point here. I do it because at the beginning of my journey in Christianity this was my question too. The question is: Why did God need to wash the sin of Adam with the blood?

Because since God has created the world, the blood had a significant meaning in his kingdom. The blood and the bloodline were always extremely important to God. Why? Because we believe it or not, biology and our DNA carries weight. It carries traces. Children who are conceived by a man and his wife are their blood trace, and God’s behavior shows a pattern. He monitors the traces. That’s why many times in the Bible we see when he blesses a man or a woman, he blesses them together with their children and when he curses them, he curses them with their children as to his opinion, the blood of the disobedient and  Baal worshiper is marked and rotten through their generation. And unless one of them doesn’t search God and begins to love and worship him, his curse will go on. Therefore, in my opinion, love and faith in God change our DNA. If you ask, what do you have to do with Adam who lived thousands of years before you? Then the answer is again the blood. Adam’s bloodline was cursed and within the immensity of the kingdom of God, one generation counts nothing because time has no significant to God. God traces the bloodline for generations until someone changes the direction.

We must pay attention that men and women in those days were not delicate like us. They didn’t have butchers dedicated for slaying the sheep and bakers for baking the bread. Every family had to do its necessity by itself and to kill a sheep or a goat to eat or use the skin, and another material was as standard as doing any other task. So each time that people made a huge mistake at the level of unforgiven sin, they have built an altar, fasted for several days, prayed a lot then took an offering to the arch of God and sacrificed it on its altar to be forgiven. That is how the blood tradition has transferred from a generation to another generation until it has ended by the blood of Jesus.